Smart City,Creative Economy and Cultural District


Bangkok aims to develop Rattana Kosin Island area into a smart city and build a framework and prototype for smart city development where the boundaries of the area “Rattana Kosin Island that surrounded by water.

On the east side, it surrounded by Khlong Ong Ang and Bang Lamphoo. From Phra Pok Klao Bridge to the north converge with the Chao Phraya River at the Phra Sumen Fort and end with Chao Phraya River at the west side.

Governor of Bangkok had approved that the Office of Strategy and Evaluation with Silpa Korn University to sign a memorandum of cooperation.
agreement in July 2020 to develop Rattana Kosin Island Area Development Project into a Smart City.


Smart, Creative Economy and Cultural District


Promote Bangkok to be the center of international business connectivity and center of educational development, provide an unscaled medical technology in international standard, social welfare and services, communication technology and transportation in order to meet the needs of the increasing number of populations. Solve the overcrowded area and traffic problem and flooding so as the air pollutions. To sustain green areas and recreation park.


Developing and driving Bangkok to be a smart city together with the driving of government and private sectors such as the National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) has defined an “innovation district” which is the development of areas and activities within the city or district to attract innovative business entrepreneurs and New businesses are clustered. by developing tools and mechanisms that facilitate business operations and promote the quality of life of residents and who carry out activities within the district to use innovation activity share resources and jointly determine the goals of creating innovations that are in line with the context of the area. in Bangkok area The National Innovation Agency has identified 8 innovation district pilot areas as follows:

1. Yoothi Innovation District

2. Rattana Kosin Innovation District

3. Khlong San Innovation District

4. Bang Sue Innovation District

5. Pathum Wan Innovation District

6. Lat Krabang Innovation District

7. Kluaynamthai Innovation District

8. Punnawithi Innovation District


The Yaowarat Road
Chinatown of Thailand, a gathering place of deliciousness
Bangkok Metropolis
Bangkok, the capital city of the country
Rattanakosin Island
A historic site in Thai history
Bangkok, the Capital of Digital
An intelligent city with significant potential for the country



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