Investment city A livable city for all people


Krabi The pilot was developed in 2 districts, which are Mueang Krabi District and Koh Lan District. which represents an area of ​​1,024.395 square kilometers in the total area of ​​Krabi Province 4,708.512 square kilometers or accounted for an area of ​​22 percent of the area of ​​Krabi province with a population of 160,664 people living in the pilot area, Krabi province has the potential for diverse natural resources and is still fertile, making it a province with beautiful tourist attractions in the country. There is an air transport system that is ready to support the travel of tourists.


International quality tourism city Sustainable industrial agriculture, livable society, environmentally friendly and adapt to the changing context.


1. Tackling environmental issues in a standardized manner by intelligently applying digital technology.

2. Maximize the efficiency of electric power. both provide the equipment modification part The use of digital technology to manage to be worthwhile. and the trial of renewable energy in vehicles.

3. Raise the standard of tourism and community tourism services. with digital technology Build confidence for tourists and the public. and applying digital technology to market leading farmers to improve their quality of life and farmers’ income distribution of income.

4. Develop a prototype of a database system in the center of Krabi Province (City Data Platform (CDP)) so that data can be used to support decision-making in city management. or solving the problems of the city.

5. Support SMEs/Entrepreneurs Applying digital technology and innovation.

6. Promote the skills development of smart city citizens.




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Separated sea
The island is surrounded by sandy beaches on three sides, except the west side.
Phi Phi Islands
Limestone mountains with tiered cliffs and beautiful caves
Wat Mahathat Wachiramongkol
Phra Mahathat Chedi is the highest in the south. It is more than 95 meters high.
Siri Lanta Bridge
The first bridge in Thailand connects Koh Lanta Noi with Koh Lanta Yai.