Narathiwat Municipality

Creative Environmental City


Narathiwat is a province situated on the eastern seaboard of the Malay Peninsula and shares a border with Malaysia. With a total area of 4,475.43 square kilometers, around two-thirds of the province is covered in forests and mountains. The southwestern part of the province consists of dense mountains, extending to the Sankala Khiri Range, which serves as the boundary between Thailand and Malaysia. The area slopes from west to east, and most of the plains are situated along the Gulf of Thailand and surrounding four rivers – the Sai Buri River, the Bang Nara River, the Tak Bai River, and the Kolok River. Additionally, Narathiwat has approximately 361,860 rai of peatlands.


A Creative Environmental City can encourage economic growth and promote community well-being, leading to a happier population.


Aim to transform Narathiwat Municipality into a smart city, with an attention on promoting creativity and innovation.


Narathiwat offers training and skill acquisition opportunities that enhance both the quality of life and the economy of the area. These spaces foster sustainable development in terms of the local economy, society, traditions, and culture, emphasizing the significance of living in a high-quality environment that values cultural diversity. This approach aligns with the characteristics of smart cities.


Executive Summary

Narathat Beach
Central Mosque of Narathiwat Province
Ganesha In Narathiwat
Khuean Tha Phraya Sai

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