Capital of innovation and development


Naresuan University It is a large university responsible for academic affairs in the lower northern region. Which consists of many faculties that have cooperated in developing smart city management and digital innovation curriculums and knowledge to become smart cities, including the Faculty of Medicine. Faculty of Allied Health Sciences Faculty of Pharmacy Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Architecture Faculty of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Environment Faculty of Business Administration, Economics, and Communication Faculty of Social Sciences graduate school, Faculty of Science, and especially at the College of Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Technology Which has continuously developed infrastructure to support smart cities, such as smart office prototypes, smart grid monitoring, and using electricity from smart systems grid There is an electric car, and there are plans to develop the ASEAN Smart Grid building in the future. At the same time, Naresuan University is also the center of the community, with at least 40,000 people, including students and surrounding communities, affecting the economy by at least 4,800 million baht per year and ready to develop into a smart city.


Capital of innovation and development

NUSC: The Capital of Innovation Development


1. Development of prototype digital technology that responds to the Phitsanulok people and the lower North

2. To be a digital technology transfer and testing center before bringing the technology to actual use, platforms, and production processes. for the development of smart cities and increasing the potential of Phitsanulok Province to keep up with the changes of the world and compete in every dimension.

3. Can increase quality of life Reduce energy use, increase income, and reduce environmental problems. in the lower northern region to have a good quality of life, be happy, safe, up-to-date, and equal to the world’s leading city standards.




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Fabric museum at Naresuan University
The museum exhibits precious Thai fabrics, including ancient ones. fabrics of different ethnic groups
Monolithic Temple
The Buddha statues that are lined up in rows in the temple are called “Luang Phor; money is pouring in.”
King Naresuan Square
The sacred thing in the university that has a large number of students
Teletubbies area 
It is a courtyard where provincial trees from all 76 provinces are planted, lined up to form a map of Thailand.

Naresuan University Smart City