Home of the Legendary Crocodile


Phichit means beautiful. When referring to the city of Phichit, it means a beautiful city. The charming city It is also an important city in history, being the birthplace of King Suea, or “Phra Sri Sanphet VIII,” the King of Ayutthaya. And it is the city that gave birth to the royal philosopher Phra Horathibodi, the father of Sri Pracha.

Phichit is a very old province in Thailand. Has existed since the Sukhothai period as the capital It is believed that Chao Kanchanakuman (Phraya Kottambong), son of Phraya Kottamathewarat, was a city builder. Above the Nan River in the year 1601, it originally had many names: Mueang Sa Luang and Mueang Okhaburi. Chaiyaboon and Pak Yom The territory that is Phichit Province is in the lowlands to the south of the north in the land of Suvarnabhumi. This area is where the Yom River and Nan River flow through. The special characteristics of Phichit’s territory were originally filled with creeks, marshes, canals, swamps, and Phichit province grounds. It is a fertile soil suitable for agriculture. because it is sediment caused by flooding every year with an abundance of fish.

During the reign of King Borom Trailokkanat of Ayutthaya, When the government was changed to a quadruple form and the city was divided into districts (ek, major, tri, and quarter), Muang Phichit had the status of a tri-city. It is of great military and administrative importance. Later in the reign of King Rama II of Rattanakosin His Majesty wrote the poem “Krai Thong” using Phichit as the origin of the story. Because Phichit is a city with many water sources and an abundance of crocodiles, In the year 1892, Prince Damrong Rajanupab adopted a form of governance system. The municipal administration came to use it and established Phitsanulok Province. It is the first province, consisting of five cities: Phitsanulok, Phichai, Sawankhalok, Sukhothai, and Phichit.


Good agricultural city, good environment Society and quality of life raise the level of tourism to the world


1. Strengthen the economic balance of the province to grow steadily from the base of the community. Self-reliance in the province and connection with the regional level and country development

2. Develop a quality agricultural production management system. export-level standards and support for food security Strengthen agricultural sector organizations and farmers to have competitive potential and be self-reliant.

3. Manage water, soil, and conserve the environment in balance with utilization in the development of the province, preserving the ecosystem. and develop natural resources. To have sustainable abundance to support Developing into a quality agricultural city

4. Strengthen a quality society. learning society and developing the village to be peaceful People have a good quality of life. According to the philosophy of the Sufficiency Economy




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