3 dharma tourist towns, 4 separate prosperous economic corridors.


Phitsanulok province is a city that is prosperous in many ways and is an important tourist Destination in Thailand. Phitsanulok province has been known as “Muang Song Khwae” because there are 2 Rivers flowing through, namely Nan River and Kwai Noi River. When visiting Phitsanulok, do not miss to see the magnificence of the Phra Buddha Chinnarat at Wat Phra Si Mahathat Woramahaviharn which is the most beautiful Buddha statue in Thailand. Nearby the city, there are many interesting natural activities. Whether it is a swim in the Chat Trakan waterfall, watch the mist that stretches as far as the eye can be seen on the Nakorn Chum viewpoint, experience the way of the people in the midst of mountains and vast rice fields in Noen Maprang District, Rafting at Huai Sam Ruak Reservoir, rafting Adventure along the Khek River, etc. In addition, Phitsanulok province also has ancient historic sites such as Wat Chulamanee in which there are important Buddhist artefacts, such as a replica of the Phra Phutthabat footprint, enshrined within the ancient Khmer Prang and the inscription stone that is buried inside the mandapa wall as well as other cultural attractions such as Chan Palace, Wat Rajabhat and Sergey Thawi Folk museum; a knowledge base that reflects life and folk wisdom of Phitsanulok people.


The Center of the Prosperous Region of the Region Indochina Intersection door to wealth Joining forces towards sustainable development


Become a Phitsanulok Synergy: Stability Prosperity Sustainability Province




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Phitsanulok Smart City