Yala Municipality

Southernmost of Siam, the beautiful border town


Yala City Municipality has a total area of 19.4 square kilometers and is an old city area with a population of 61,817 people (average population from 2009-2018). The municipality is focused on improving the landscape and preserving its identity, with a particular emphasis on the community way of life, to create selling points in the area. In the past, the city of Yala has been relocated 4 times. The first time, the city was located in Ban Yala Sub-district, the second time it was moved to Tha Sap Sub-district (on the left bank of the Pattani River), the third time it was moved to Muang Sateng (on the right bank of the Pattani River), and the fourth time it was moved to Ban Nibong Sub-district. In the reign of Phra Rattakit Wijarn (Sawat Na Nakhon), the 10th governor of Yala Province (1913-1915), he planned the city by finding the center of the city, settling down, and placing stones as a mark called “kilo zero,” and drawing circles in layers supported by a road in the form of the most beautiful spider web in Thailand. Yala City has won the Clean Contest three years in a row (1985-1987) and in 1997 was selected by the World Health Organization as one of the five cities in Thailand in the Global Liveable Cities Project. The provincial slogan of Yala is “Southernmost of Siam, the beautiful border town,” and the provincial emblem of Yala features a picture of a tin mine, symbolizing the area’s abundance of tin ore.


“It is the digital hub of the southern border provinces that leads to development.”


Aiming to raise the standard of quality of life and safety standards for people in the area.


“It is an area with potential as a cultural tourist attraction, and Nawatwithi is a tourist attraction that reflects history. Yala City Municipality has received many environmental awards, such as the Thailand Rabies Award, a certificate of quality certification, the Environmental Health Service System, and the Environmental Sustainable City Award.”


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