Korat is a nice city with technology. Adhere to the way of sufficiency, aiming for sustainable development.


Nakhon Ratchasima aims to drive the development of a smart city. To cover all 32 districts (25,494 sq. km.), the government has designated a smart city development pilot area in Muang District. Which covers an area of 772.59 square kilometers with a population of 467,267 people, with the Muang district of Nakhon Ratchasima province having outstanding potential as the economic center of the province. It is also a regional transportation hub that is the gateway to the Northeast. There is a famous educational institution. There is also a strong integration of the industrial sector with the public and private sectors.


Korat, a nice city to live in, coupled with technology adhering to the way of sufficiency Aiming for sustainable development


1. To prepare for the development of Nakhon Ratchasima Province and be ready to support the development of prosperity. and is consistent with large infrastructure projects.

2. To solve traffic problems as well as manage the transportation management system Transport logistics efficiently There is a system for tightening traffic discipline to facilitate vehicles and public mass transit vehicles, including public emergency services. enable the public, drivers, and users of public transport systems to travel comfortably, safely, and orderly, and to develop the use of energy-saving vehicles.

3. Developing and supporting the use of information technology in transport systems to ensure sustainability, convenience, safety, and speed in order to support future traffic problems.

4. For efficient environmental management, such as waste management and wastewater drainage, Water resource management systems, various pollution management methods, and environmental impact reduction

5. To manage green space within cities and communities Create an ecosystem for the city through the participation of all sectors.

6. To establish a center or data warehouse for city management in various fields to facilitate linkages with other agencies. Related to the application for urban infrastructure planning and solving urban problems

7. To create a platform to connect groups of people at each level, such as city administrators. System driving group and service recipient group, as well as those involved in various aspects of the supply chain and various applications for data collection. Providing services and facilities to the public

8. To create participation from all sectors of the community in setting visions and strategies for urban development and social, economic, and infrastructure development. to become concrete.




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