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Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa)

Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) In addition to promoting economic expansion for private sector agencies, we also serve as committee members and secretaries of the Thailand Smart City Steering Committee and Development Committee. which has been given the mission to create a big-picture smart city development plan for the country along with guidelines and mechanisms for driving smart cities systematically and sustainably. The smart city development steering committee resolved to make the creation of a city data platform (City Data Platform: CDP) one of the five guidelines for smart city development, with the following definition:

“City Data Platform (CDP) is a source of digital data that supports the connection and exchange of information between public and private agencies and citizens in the city. Systematically, ready to use, safe, and protect personal information. to create the most benefit to the city.”

To help you understand the CDP, this website presents applications that leverage city data. Through examples of various data from each area, cities that are developing smart cities can understand and apply them to increase decision-making efficiency and lead to better analysis of the quality of city development and services. This is considered the heart of a smart city that views the needs and problems of citizens as the center of driving a sustainable city.