About Us

Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa)

Apart from encouraging and supporting the economics growth of private organizations in Thailand, Digital Economy Promotion Agency “depa” are also the committee and secretary of the Board of Thailand’s Smart City Development. We are in charge of planning the Smart City development, and providing the guidelines & mechanism to systematically and sustainably support Smart Cities in Thailand.

The board of Thailand Smart City reaches the conclusion to build City Data Platform “CDP” that is one of the five of guidelines to develop Smart City.

“The “City Data Platform” is the place to collect Digital data that support data connectivity and data exchange amongst government agencies, private organizations, and people in the city. The place must be systematic, ready to use, and safe. Additionally it should protect personal information to create the most possible values for the city.”

To make it easy to understand about CDP, this website presents the applied usage of city’s data through the sample data from several areas to help the cities developing Smart City to understand how to use data to adjust and improve efficiency in decision making that could lead to city’s service improvement. This is the key point of Smart City that focus on the needs and problems of citizens of the city for sustainable development.