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To take advantage of technology Modern and intelligent innovations to increase service efficiency. and city management


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Smart city project information in Thailand

includes the city name, area, and type of smart city. and project implementers

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Smart city information

It is open city data that helps citizens see the city more broadly. A deeper understanding of how cities work, including being able to rotate data in a different dimension than what you’re used to. To inspire ways to improve the city and develop it into a smart city project

Examples of open COVID-19 data (below)

show that major cities in the provinces have the highest number of COVID-19 cases. Higher in August 2021, different from the previous period when the number of people infected with COVID-19 clustered in Bangkok and the province where the factory is located.

System development project: Social Listening

Dashboard Sentiment Analysis Example
Data from Twitter, 2021-2022

Separated into 7 areas consisting of

  1. Smart Environment
  2. Smart Energy
  3. Smart Economy
  4. Smart Governance
  5. Smart Mobility
  6. Smart People
  7. Smart Living